Identify Consumer Targets

A plan isn’t perfected until you know your audience and how to reach them. Developing relatable profiles helps the marketing team and agencies craft messages and refine plans.

Map Consumer Journey

Holistic view of the omni-channel journey will focus on the triggers and barriers that will streamline the process from an operational and consumer perspective.

Competitive Intelligence

Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial in developing your strategy and helping solidify your unique brand.

Strategy & Innovation Planning

Orchestrate workshops that focus the team on the future and walk away with action plans for each of the cross-functional teams.

Ellen’s Perspective

  • Inspiring – Research should inspire teams to make change in their organization and do what is right not only for the business but also for their customers.
  • Simple – There are enough challenges in our jobs, getting to know your customers or improving your business shouldn’t be one of them.
  • Engaging – Research should be fun, not a boring lecture that lives in a presentation.
  • Authentic – Research should be approachable and accessible for all members of the team, from part-time employees to the C-Suite.